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Logan County Schools Mission:

The mission of Logan County Schools is to provide a high-quality, world-class education that ensures success for every student through excellence in teaching and learning.

Logan County Schools Core Beliefs:

We believe...
1. We believe all students can learn at high levels but in different ways and at different times when provided equal opportunities.

2. We believe students must have direction, discipline, and a means to succeed. Their successes should be celebrated and recognized.

3. We believe teachers have the desire, ability, and responsibility to motivate and inspire each individual student to achieve his/her highest potential.

4. We believe classrooms will be organized, structured, safe, disciplined, welcoming, and student-focused to provide the proper environment for learning.

5. We believe curriculum should be prioritized, mapped, sequential, multicultural, and diverse to provide students a quality learning environment through active, enjoyable, fulfilling activities.

6. We believe education is a shared responsibility among the student, school, parent, family, and community.

Superintendent of Logan County Schools

Wilma Zigmond Logan County School's Superintendent

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