Logan County Schools
506 Holly Avenue, Logan, WV   25601
Directions from Route 119
Inclement Weather Information (800) 305-7568
WVDE School Closings Website
Jobs Posting Hotline (304) 752-7409

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PARENTS-PLEASE BE ADVISED that the Logan County Board of Education has adopted a new policy regarding those 504 students on homebound instruction. This policy is available at your child's school, through the Logan County Board of Education policy manual, and upon request to the central office.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy and its effect on your child please call Robert Lucas at the central office.


Logan County Schools will be moving school websites in the near future.


Please click here for information

Logan County Schools Mission:

The mission of Logan County Schools is to provide a high-quality, world-class education that ensures success for every student through excellence in teaching and learning.

Logan County Schools Core Beliefs:

We believe...
1. We believe all students can learn at high levels but in different ways and at different times when provided equal opportunities.

2. We believe students must have direction, discipline, and a means to succeed. Their successes should be celebrated and recognized.

3. We believe teachers have the desire, ability, and responsibility to motivate and inspire each individual student to achieve his/her highest potential.

4. We believe classrooms will be organized, structured, safe, disciplined, welcoming, and student-focused to provide the proper environment for learning.

5. We believe curriculum should be prioritized, mapped, sequential, multicultural, and diverse to provide students a quality learning environment through active, enjoyable, fulfilling activities.

6. We believe education is a shared responsibility among the student, school, parent, family, and community.



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